Why I cannot connect to my MySQL Server?
The reasons for not connecting to your MySQL server successfully may involve few aspects. We would suggest you to check the following issues:

1. Do you have the correct hostname of your MySQL server?
2. Are you using the correct TCP/IP port number when trying to connect to the mysqld server? (the default port number for mysql is 3306)
3. Are you behind any firewall that blocks the port number?
4. Is your public IP address of your desktop PC changed by your ISP recently?

We would like to remind you that after MySQL server is installed, it would only allow "localhost" connection by default. Any client PCs will be blocked by the remote MySQL server until the user privileges has been configured.

If you are using MySQL server provided by hosting company, most of the hosting companies will block access to the MySQL server from outside the hosting company's network, and only grant access to users connecting from localhost. For this case, you will need to configure SSH Tunnel Connection to solve the problem.

Testing Account :
We offer a testing account for you to evaluate Navicat more easily. Navicat remote connection setting for testing account:
(Please note that this account only allows Select privilege)
Connection name : server1.navicat.com
Host address : server1.navicat.com
username : navicat
password : testnavicat
Port number : 4406
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